oil painting

Series of portraits "Faces of Music"
(oil on wood, 60x90 cm)

Portrait of Peter, 2014

Portrait of My Mom, 2014

Narooma, 2013

Cape Schanck, 2010

Contrabassist I, 2004 r., 50x70

Contrabassist II, 2004 r., 35x70

Self-portrait, 2009, 50x70

Portrait of Peter, 2009, 65x92

Portrait of Zuzanna and Dariusz, 2009, 60x60

Three sisters, 2008, 70x90 

Portrait of Milena, 2007, 45x60 

Self-portrait, 2008, 50x80

Portrait of my parents, 2008, 40x60

Still life with an accordion , 2008, 50x80

Portrait of Ewelina, 2007, 50x70

Self-portrait in red dress, 2007, 60x80

Vistula boulevards in Cracow,  2007, 30x50

View from Wawel Cathedral, 2007, 35x48

 Portrait of an uncle, 2007, 40x60

Portrait of Bogusia, 2007, 20x30